Whole Foods sees “Sucker!” on my forehead every time!

So what was suppose to be a quick in and out visit to my favorite grocery store turned out to burn a hole in my pocket (quick!).  I walked into whole foods and planned on sticking to the list, a small list I may add but just walking around that store it is so easy to get sucked into all the great products and foods they offer.

So after a purchase of over $59.00 this is walked away with (only one bag load I may add):


The only “extras” I added to my cart was the fresh pineapples and strawberries (I know it would have been cheaper for me to buy them whole), the Justin’s AB packs (super excited to use them though), pre dinner trail mix, Coney Island Lager (for my husband not me) and the Tazo Tea (to was down the trail mix of course).

So what does that give me 5 add ins? All things I love and needed (I use that word loosely).

Anyway, dinner was provided by kraft.com, it was tortellini with smoked salmon and dill.  Recipe is here.  I changed it up a little my making it a tad healthier, like using almond milk and used this organic tortellini. 


Since I didn’t have much greens today I added a bed of arugula to it as well. Here it is all together with the rest of my Tazo Pomegranate Green Tea.


I am putting in a 8 mile run tomorrow morning so carb loading it was!

To round out the day (again not much fruit earlier in the day) I had a bowl of pineapples and strawberries with fat free cottage cheese.  Picture is very unappealing, but it satisfied my sweet tooth.


My husband just got home so we are going to sit down and enjoy some time together.  I got Spirit of the Marathon on Netflix, we are going to sit back and watch that with a nice cold lager for him and a big glass of ice water for me!

Hopefully the movie will pump me for my early morning run!

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