Oh I think I have an injury…

My husband and I were up to 1:30am last night trying to put ourselves on a monthly budget (we are trying to save more).  Thank goodness he is good at numbers and spreadsheets cause his final product blew my simple calculations out of the water.

Anyway, waking up this morning at 7am was tough… I snoozed and snoozed and snoozed and next thing I knew it was 8:15am.  I leaped out of bed threw on my running gear and headed into the kitchen to fix my pre-run fuel.  Whole wheat toast with almond butter and a banana.


Now let me back up… on Thursday after the couple miles I walked from my office to Union Square I noticed that I had a slight pain in my left foot.  I thought nothing of it and figured it would go away.  Yesterday I noticed it mostly when I wore flats and flip flops.  I mentioned it to my husband last night but once again thought it would just go away.  Well I was wrong.

I started off on my run and felt a slight pain on the side of my left ankle and as I kept on running I felt the pain move further and further down the side of my foot! After about a mile  I noticed my stride was even different and I knew there that there was no way I could do another 9 more miles without damaging it more.  So I stopped and walked a couple minutes and then tried again, same pain.  So I made a decision that in order to be injury free on September 26th when I run my next 1/2 I should stop.  So I walked back home… feeling defeated. 

I know I shouldn’t feel so defeated cause I did the right thing instead of working through the pain and possibly making it worse but I was so pumped to run the 10 miles this morning.  It was overcast and drizzling…perfect zoning out weather.

But still my foot did not stop be from putting in a decent workout at the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer and then 23 minutes on the bike (why 23 minutes… I got hooked watching America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV and had to see the last group go up).  Finished the 53 minutes of cardio with some shoulders and abs.

I feel refreshed now but still kind of bummed.  My plan is to ice my ankle/foot and possibly wear the ankle brace I have laying around. 

Grr… I knew I jinxed myself on Wednesday when I said to myself…”wow I have been running consistently since May and no injuries” and here we are.

Anyway, I have a full To Do list today.

  • Clean
  • Go to bank
  • CVS for rx refills
  • finish budget

Have a great Saturday!

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