So fresh and so clean!

Another weekend has come and gone!

Today was spent cleaning my apartment from top to bottom, grocery shopping, laundry and hitting up the gym for a quick workout.

My original plan was to do yoga today to stretch out my legs from the 10 miler I was suppose to do yesterday but for two reasons that changed. One, I never did the 10 miler and two, the yoga class I was planning on taking was during the time the couch cleaners were coming.

So instead I did 30 minutes on the elliptical reading my Fitness Magazine and then I stretched for 30 minutes.  I never stretch but my legs were craving it… actually NEEDING it! 

I definitely need to fit in a yoga class sometime early this coming week.

Tonight’s dinner was millet burgers, cabbage slaw and fresh corn on the cob. But guess what I forgot to take a picture!!! I have extra millet filling that I plan on making more burgers with, so when I do I promise to take a picture of it.

So here is a question before I sign off, I know I need to start adding in stretching time after my workouts and runs.  How long should a good post-workout take?

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