What a weekend – Numero Uno

It is Tuesday, the girls left on Sunday and I am still exhausted.  I didn’t take many pictures because I couldn’t find a way to tell them about my blog.  So I will break down the weekend with short reviews of the places we went and insert fun pictures when at all possible.  How is that?

Well at 2:30pm the final whistle blew at work and I was off.  I met the girls who had already kicked off their weekend of shopping close by my office.  We attempted to start happy hour at the Bryant Park Hotel but I guess at 2:30pm that is just too early for the hotel.

So we walked a few blocks to the Public House on 41st and Lexington.

I have been to the Public House on Tuesday’s when then have unlimited wine night (yes that is right) with their 3 course prefixed menu.  I loved the vibe of the place.  Nicer than a pub but not fancy.  Usually you find a lot of after work guys and gals who are looking for a good happy hour deal.

Sure enough, $3 domestic draft beers.  The girls wanted something local so I turned them on to Brooklyn Lager from the Brooklyn Brewery.  After about 8 consumed (and a little confusion on the bill) we decided that is was smart to head back, pick up their luggage which was still at my office and ride back to Brooklyn.


When we got to my apartment, we unwound for a bit.  Caught up with my husband and then proceeded to get ready for night numero uno!

We were staying local, Thai food at a restaurant called Joya on Court Street which has gotten great reviews and then a local bar.
Joya was just as popular as the reviews said they would. The atmosphere was not what I expected, kind of reminded me of a lounge in the City with even a DJ spinning dance music.


We got there and there was a 30 minute wait for a table. So we settled as close to the bar as we could and ordered a drink.  I ordered the Mango Martini that I saw the bartender pour for another person and thought that looked really refreshing.  Well I was wrong.  I must have been thinking it would taste differently because it was just too strong.  I sipped on it for the rest of the night.

After 30 minutes (and what felt like longer), we sat down.  We were STARVING! I wanted everything on the menu but I was especially craving Pad Thai with tofu.  With that order we also ordered the calamari (yum!), fried eggplant and veggie spring rolls.  Honestly, there wasn’t a bad plate on our table.  The Pad Thai was the BEST Pad Thai I had ever ordered.  I mean heaven!

So for anyone in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn I HIGHLY recommend Joya for Thai Food.  Plus it is great atmosphere and cheap food. 

After stuffing our faces we worked our way to Smith Street for an after dinner cocktail. By that time I was exhausted.  I was practically in a food coma.  The 2 beers before dinner and the martini during dinner finally hit me, as well as the 5:30am wake up call for the gym.

But we stuck it out for a drink or two.  We went to Apartment 138 on Smith Street.  My husband and I have been there before for brunch and dinner but we always said we would stop by the bar for drinks one day.  The atmosphere is cozy, kind of reminds me of a old country cottage.  With distressed wood and miss-matched chairs and tables.

We weren’t there for very long, I had a vodka and fresh lemonade.  It took me forever to finish it.  I guess I wasn’t in the mood to party too hard.

After about an hour we decided to call it a night.  We new we had another long one ahead of us for day numero dos!


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