What a weekend – Day Numero Dos

Well after a semi-early night I woke up at 8:30am ready to get a quick run in.  I hadn’t run since the week prior because of my ankle injury so I was itching to go out for a run.  I did 4.1 miles at a slow pace.  My ankle was a little stiff but still felt great to get out there.

When I got back the girls were up and getting themselves together for a day out.  On the agenda: Bagels, walking the Brooklyn Bridge and shopping up Broadway and we did it all.  

I took them to a local bagel shop for an authentic NY style bagel and ice coffee. We inhaled the bagel on our walk to the Bridge. We stopped by the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to see the Manhattan downtown skyline which also allowed them to see why I fell in love with Brooklyn and how different it is from where I lived before on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

promanade walk

We leisurely yet aggressively walked the Brooklyn Bridge.  I have never walked the Bridge when it is busy with more than two people, but we got a rhythm going and we only had to run down two or three people (it is PACKED after 9:00am on a weekend).  

bb walk

On the Manhattan side of the bridge we hit Broadway and worked our way through every boutique from Tribeca all the way up to the East Village.  We must have walked close to 3 miles… possibly 4.

We stopped for lunch at a cute bistro called Bistro Manhattan in Soho.  I had the Tuna fish sandwich on French bread with a greens salad.  The bread was perfectly soft, it really made the sandwich!  After digesting for a bit we continued up our walk, then deciding at 8th Street and Broadway to turn back down because there were a few items that they were starting to regret not purchasing.

So as we made our way down, stopping at stores we missed, and in one store as I am kind of wandering around I spot this really tall young man and as I focus on his face and hair I realize it is NBA Star Joakim Noah from the Chicago Bulls.   Now I am not a huge basketball fan but I remembered Joakim from watching him play college basketball down at Florida.  Plus with crazy hair like that how can you forget!

I love celebrity sightings!

Finally at 6pm I was itching to get back home and unwind before going out.  We grabbed a bottle of  cabernet sauvignon to enjoy while we got ready.

Dinner was at Casa Mono, there was a wait and we went next door to their sister bar Bar Jamon.  Casa Mono is a very small Tapas restaurant in the East Village.  Wow was it good.  We choose about 4 plates to share amongst the 3 of us.  They were sautéed mushrooms with garlic (so good), croquetas with pumpkin and goat cheese (out of this world), fried calamari, and patatas bravas (spicy potatoes).  I think we all licked the bowl clean!

After a delicious meal we continued with our night.  From a recommendation we went to Flatiron Lounge on 6th and 19th.  Great small lounge with a great vibe.  We sat at the bar but we could have put our names in for a table.  You know one of those half circle red cushion style booths.  Next time.

We were there for a drink and then decided to move on.  I wanted to show my friends the best skyline from a rooftop bar so I took them to the ever popular 230 Fifth.  I think I have taken every friend to this bar and it is pretty cheesy in a “hook up” bar sense but the skyline just could not be beat.  We were there for mmm… maybe 10 minutes total.  Enough to snap some great shots and move on.


Last bar was a new lounge I had juts read about.  It is suppose to be one of the bars to look out for in Fall of 2009.   It is called Forty Eight.  It is in Midtown, in the McGraw- Hill building.  Kind of hidden, but cool none the less.  It was pretty empty since it had only been open for a few weeks and the grand opening wasn’t until the 15th of September.  But we enjoyed it.  

We had several of their signature drinks.  One of them being a “Lojito”, similar to a Mojito but made with different juices and STEVIA as its sweetener.  I   commended the manager on such a great progressive drink!

Oh and another sports celebrity sighting.  Jesse Palmer from the NY Giants… well he no longer plays football he is now a sports anchor for ESPN or you ladies may know him better from the Bachelor! That is right, he was The Bachelor in season 5 a few seasons ago.

Well after all the girl talk and drinks it was time to bring it back to Brooklyn.  Wow what a long day!

Missed Day Numero Uno check it out here.  And I will soon catch up on Day Numero Tres.


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  1. I would give anything for a NY bagel right now!

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