Two seasonal firsts!

What a crappy day today.  Nothing but rain and a cold breeze.  It is gross out!

My BFF came into town last night and we kicked of our day with a late start.  It was great! I love lounging on a crappy day!

Brunch was ANOTHER bagel.  Um that is my 3rd in a week.  So not like me but we needed some staying power for the day.  Since it was brunch I got the everything bagel with low fat cream cheese and lox at the local bagel shop.  That place never disappoints!


Our plan was to walk the Brooklyn Bridge but with the weather that was not going to happen.  So we jumped on the train and started our shopping adventure.  Similar to last weekend we were in and out of shops, working our way uptown.

Finally when we hit midtown we decided to grab lunch.  Jessica had been to a great restaurant in Bloomingdales a few years back and we thought that would be a great place to grab a quick sandwich. On the 7th floor is a great little restaurant for a quick bite to eat, called Forty Carrots. Cute, bright cafeteria looking restaurant. 

IMG_1403 IMG_1404

I had the “no mayo” tuna sandwich.  So tasty.  It had celery and onions and instead of mayo they used a lemon vinaigrette.  It hit the spot.

As we were leaving Bloomingdales look who we saw!!


That is right Leonardo DiCaprio! Ok, ok… maybe not the real Leo but a wax mannequin that looked JUST like him.  I mean it was scary!

Anyway, we continued up to the Upper East Side so I could pick up my race packet for the Fitness Magazine 4 miler race tomorrow! An all women’s race! I am kind of nervous about it because I haven’t been running consistently since I twisted my ankle (s0 probably no PR will be set) but that is not going to stop me! I love when it is an all women’s race! It is so inspiring!

After a full day we finally made it home but before that I stopped in Starbucks for my first of the season, Pumpkin Spice Latte!! It was delish!!

Dinner tonight was at a cute little French seafood place in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.  BYOB. Called Petite Crevette.  It is so small and so eclectic it gives it great charm! Oh and the food is out of this world!


We picked up a bottle of Pinot Noir, a recommendation from the guy at the wine store.  It was perfect! A perfect pair with seafood (even though usually white wine is “suggested”).


The menus were hand written and posted all over the restaurant.  Very informal.



We both started off with the chowder.  I had the seafood chowder and Jessica had the crab and corn chowder.  WOW!! The seafood chowder just melted in your mouth.  Plus it had big chunks of scallops, crab meat and lobster meat. 


Not sure why this came out sideways…

For my main course I had the Mussels Provencal.  Again, outstanding!!! Ate it all and even dipped a little too many pieces of bread into the broth.  yummm…..


After such a rich dinner we were stuffed! We finished off our bottle of wine and continued with the girl talk before walking back to my apartment.

We are now settled in our pjs watching reruns of Sex and the City and I am hydrating, pumping myself up for my race in the morning.

So before I leave you for the night here is the second seasonal first of the day for me.  I am in my first Fall outfit, Cole Hahn riding boots and an oversize sweater from H&M. Ahhh… Fall is in the air!  Are you excited/ready for the Fall season?



One Response to Two seasonal firsts!

  1. haha Love the Leo figure:)

    Such a cute outfit, by the way! I have to say, I do like fall fashion better than summer.

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